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    agricultural steel building  

    All of today's farmers, regardless of what they are producing, have several things in common. One of them is the need for agricultural buildings, regardless of whether it is a barn for livestock, a storage building or a simple shed for farm equipment.

    steel garage kit  


    Cars mean different things to different people. For some it is the means of transportation to get to work every day. For others its how their children get to school or soccer practice. For some, it is a representation of everything that is American. Speed, freedom and technology. Its funny to see how little care people take of their cars. You can save a lot of money on your car with a simple thing: storing your car in a garage. Coats are supposed to get wet, but you wouldn't leave your coat out in the rain,would you?

    riding arena  

    Riding Arenas

    We can build horse riding arenas with or without walls. Covered riding arenas provide great ventilation in hot climates while keeping the rain out. Enclosed steel riding arenas can be fully insulated for comfortable riding during the winter months. Do you need large clear span space for an indoor riding arena? Our steel buildings can be designed with spans reaching over 200 feet wide without columns and any length you desire!

    rv storage  

    RV Storage

    When you buy a recreational vehicle one of the last things you think of is where you will keep it. For after all, it is a vehicle built to be on the road . However, many recreational vehicles (and other items of recreational value, such as boats) have special storage needs when they are not on the road (or on the water), which is in most cases the majority of the time. Everyday garages may not be the best place to store your RV in, for they might just not fit.

    steel church  

    Church Building

    Our steel church buildings and educational facilities are designed with strength for safely as our number one concern. At  METALMAX Buildings, engineers and detailers are in-house giving you the advantage to custom design a metal building with ease. Our metal church design team has the experience and knowledge to make your dreams a reality. Will your congregation need a gathering room, a choir room, a vestibule, a youth room? We can accommodate all of these needs with our buildings.

    commercial steel building  

    Commercial Buildings

    Whether you need a commercial steel building for a commercial office building, strip mall, retail space, store front, metal warehouse space or commercial distribution center, we have the right building system for you. METALMAX Buildings can custom design a commercial metal building for any application.

    aircraft hanger  

    Aircraft hangar kits

    Since the Wright brothers first flew with their rudimentary airplanes in North Carolina. Airplanes have been used for a great variety of things, from military purposes to travel and agricultural use .Whatever airplanes are used for, one thing is for sure. For the most time they will be on the surface of the earth. This means that they have to be stored in a place where the expensive and delicate instruments that ensure safety in the air are protected.

    industrial steel building  

    Industrial Buildings

    Industrial buildings today do not have to be a sore to the eye. We have designed industrial buildings that fit in. We use the most modern materials to engineer a building exactly as you need it, at an affordable price. Not only are they that easy to build, they are easily adaptable as well, so you can use if for whatever you want. For a price up to 50 percent lower than any other materials, steel buildings are not only more durable, but energy efficient and green as well.

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