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Secondary Framing
You can directly anchor the building to a secondary framing, in case you want to add extra half steel units to the building. These secondary framing also called "struts" is a kind of under the roof support that can be extended and you can install half steel units directly to them.

Roof Extensions
Although roof extension is a costly method of making additions to half steel buildings, but it will ensure that the structure lasts longer. The addition will reduce the chances of water building-up and the structure getting corrugated. In roof extension, a section of additional roofing is attached to the already existing roof at the same level. After this, the walls are added to the slight slope from the roof in order to give it an additional support. You can increase the ceiling height of the building or add more storage space by a roof extension.

Expandable Endwalls
In case your metal building has expandable endwalls, you can increase the covered area by adding half steel partitions to the sides of the back of the structure. If you want to avail this feature in the future, you must specify your requirement to your Armstrong Steel Consultant when the original structure is being built.



When your steel building no longer provides enough room, you may want to consider adding a lean-to addition onto it. If the existing steel building is structurally sound and has exterior wall which allows for attaching your lean-to, this can be a fairly cost efficient way to add much needed space.

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