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Skylights are made with continuous strand woven fiberglass, in addition to the usual multi-directional mat of chopped glass fibers imbedded in a fire retardant resin, formed to match roof panel configuration. They are available in white only. Optional U.L. fire rated or U.L 90 rated skylights are ordered as specified.

White skylight panels are available in standard lengths. These translucent plastic panels have the same profile as roof panels. Skylights for sidewall installation are also available. Skylights are available with a UL-90 rating for use in UL-90 rated roof systems.

Round Gravity Ventilators are available in a 20" diameter opening and in a painted white finish. Bird screen and chain operated damper is provided.


Roof Jackets are available for vent (stack) sizes of 1" to 13" in diameter. Dektite's resilience allows it to accommodate expansion and contraction of both pipe and roof sheets. It requires no sealant or caulk at the pipe and can be placed at highs or lows of panel.


Gravity Monovent are available in 10' sections with both ends enclosed. Throat (opening) sizes are 9" or 12" and are painted white. All monovents have bird screens with adjustable dampers optional.


Gutter and Downspouts are offered in our standard color schemes. The architecturally sculptured gutters can be used to color accent a building scheme. Gutters have a built-in overflow feature to if they become blocked with debris, water will overflow on the outside of the panel, not the building interior.

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